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Welcome to this website of the

Northern Ireland Commission for Catholic Education

which will act as a hub of information for Catholic education within Northern Ireland.

As well as providing links to the schools within the Catholic Managed Sector in N.I. it will also link to other education partners. In addition, it will provide those interested in Catholic education with resources, guidance and policies to assist them in their work. It will also be a place of celebration for Catholic education and include examples of the Catholic ethos alive in our schools.

Across Northern Ireland there are 489 Catholic schools serving the needs of 45.5% of the school population. Our schools, working with the parents as the primary educators of their children, strive to ensure that children and young people discover their uniqueness as individuals and develop their gifts and talents as full members of a faith community.

Northern Ireland has experienced conflict. But our schools are not some sort of quaint relic from a divided past. They have shown themselves to be active contributors to reconciliation and the Common Good. Our schools are open and welcoming to children and young people of all nationalities and of all faiths and to those who have no religious affiliation. Within our schools we promote a belief that difference is to be understood and celebrated as a source of enrichment. This mission is undertaken by Governors, school leaders and staff who are dedicated and committed to supporting the children and young people in their care and the communities in which they are located.

I commend this resource to you – as parents, educators and young people. The resource will grow over time to form a rich testament to the work of our schools.

Bishop Donal McKeown
Bail ó Dhia ar an obair
God bless the work.