This resource has been developed by the Council for Education of the Irish Episcopal Conference for use in Catholic post-primary schools in Ireland.

These resources are published as a draft to allow schools the opportunity to engage with, and pilot them, as part of a process which will inform their final development.

Introductory Material:

Introduction to Lessons

Start here – explaining the Christian foundation

The Virtues: Life skills for a loving life

Year A resources:

Year A. Lesson 1. Who am I?

Year A. Lesson 2. What do I want in life?

Year A. Lesson 3. Love people, use things

Year A. Lesson 4. The language of the body

Year A. Lesson 5. Puberty

Year A. Lesson 6. Friendship

Year A. Lesson 7. Building relationships

Year A. Lesson 8. What is love?

Year A. Lesson 9. Feelings of attraction

Year A. Lesson 10. Making decisions

Year A. Lesson 11. Good choices, bad choices

Year A. Lesson 12. Brain Development

Year A. Lesson 13. Peer Pressure

Year B resources:

Year B. Lesson 1. The truth about me

Year B. Lesson 2. Stereotypes

Year B. Lesson 3. Searching for happiness

Year B. Lesson 4. Body Image

Year B. Lesson 5. Dignity and respect

Year B. Lesson 6. Growing in Friendship

Year B. Lesson 7. Building good relationships

Year B. Lesson 8. Sexual Attraction

Year B. Lesson 9. Love and intimacy

Year B. Lesson 10. Growing in Responsibility

Year B. Lesson 11. Consent

Year B. Lesson 12. Taking care of my body

Year B. Lesson 13. Alcohol Awareness

Year B. Lesson 14. Women’s safety

Year C resources:

Year C Lesson 1. The real me

Year C Lesson 2. Following a moral compass

Year C Lesson 3. Free to love

Year C Lesson 4. My body and my identity

Year C Lesson 5. Friendship

Year C Lesson 6. Romantic love

Year C Lesson 7. Dating with integrity

Year C Lesson 8. Sex and Marriage

Year C Lesson 9. Decision making

Year C Lesson 10. Alcohol and Drugs

Year C Lesson 11. Consent Pt2

Year C Lesson 12. STI Awareness

Year C Lesson 13. The Gift of Fertility

A consultation proforma will issue to schools separately which will allow you an opportunity to feedback your thoughts and suggestions on the programme and on any areas which should be added to the final programme.