The Catholic school seeks to provide a balanced and holistic education that will liberate the individual to develop their full potential to take their place in society and contribute to the Common Good. The education of the child from nursery to post primary is a continuum of varied learning experiences that develop the moral, emotional spiritual, academic, physical and social intelligences of the individual. During their life at school the pupil will be involved in a diverse range of educational visits at home and abroad, interview opportunities, work-based programmes and buddying / mentoring programmes that contribute to the preparation for playing a full role in society whenever they leave school.

There is a significant focus within Catholic schools on high levels of attainment and excellence and standards within the Catholic Managed sector consistently out perform all other education sectors in Northern Ireland in terms of academic achievement.

The PSHE programme of the school deals specifically with life related issues such as: healthy eating and living, alcohol and drug awareness, personal relationships, learning for life and work, interpersonal skills etc. Catholic schools also encourage pupils to be involved in local, community and global initiatives that work in partnership and solidarity with the disadvantaged and marginalised. At post primary level all pupils receive expert support in careers guidance.

The Catholic school seeks to instil the Spirit of Christ, therefore enabling the human person to make a significant contribution to the modern world.