Author: Pauline Martin

Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated in schools across the island of Ireland from 22 January – 29 January. The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2023 is ‘Walking Together in Faith and Love’.

During Catholic Schools Week families, parishes and schools are invited to participate in a week of celebration of Catholic schools reflecting on their contribution to the common good of society.

Please find below a link to the resources:

Catholic Schools Week – 2023 – Resources

Credible Catholic RE Teaching Resources for post primary

Credible Catholic is a Religious Education programme made available by the Council for Catechetics of the Irish Episcopal Conference . The programme aims to stimulate dialogue, encourage reflection and critical reasoning, foster religious literacy, build community, and nurture faith, and in doing all of these things, to promote student well being. It is an optional resource which will be very helpful to teachers of Religious Education. It has been re-developed for the Irish context, in line with feedback from RE teachers and theological advisors in Ireland. See the link below:

Credible Catholic | Catholic Schools Partnership

Catholic Schools: Delivering for Communities

You are invited to read this paper which articulates the future vision of Catholic Education,
its ethos, and values.

The Catholic school sector is an exemplar of service delivery which continues to address the key
educational challenges of our time and improve outcomes for children and young people. We
believe that we have much to contribute to the creation of a high-achieving, inclusive education
system in Northern Ireland that cherishes diversity.